Integrated collaborative working: by industry for industry

Understand integrated collaborative working in construction? If you want …

  • Construction outcomes that better meet your needs, and delight your clients, customers and end users
  • Delivery that is 25–40% faster than your competitors with 11-30% less capital required
  • Improved profitability, reduced operating costs and more sustainable built asset outcomes
  • Significantly improved predictability of programme, price and quality
  • To work in a safer environment where empowered people are open, honest and realistic and go home feeling trusted, valued and fulfilled

… then the refreshed Integration Toolkit is for you

Supporting integrated collaborative working - Integrated project team workbook - thumbnail viewThe Integration Toolkit supports integrated collaborative working. It offers information, advice, guidance and training – signposts and pointers to help you find answers that suit your particular construction needs, projects and challenges. It will help you decide how to change, offering insight into what the best are doing. It has been recently overhauled to make the toolkit more accessible to all and to promote wider use, sharing and discussion.

However, the refreshed Integration Toolkit is not a step-by-step instruction manual nor is it intended for people who do not have access to in-depth understanding of the complexity and risks associated with construction activity.

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