A new domain for the Toolkit

The New Integration Toolkit now has its own website domain – www.ipitoolkit.com. IPI is short for “Integrated Project Insurance” and for the “Integrated Project Initiative”.

We have launched the Toolkit on its own separate website to distinguish it from the original Integration Toolkit developed for and adopted by the UK Strategic Forum for Construction in 2003. Over the past ten years, this has helped thousands of visitors adopt collaborative working principles and create more integrated teams. However, during this time, UK industry and its project delivery practices and technologies have moved forward.

The first edition will remain live for the time being, and – as a starting point – this site has been populated with much of the original content. Over the coming weeks and months, this will be reviewed by the IPI team (and, we hope, by the industry at large). Some content will be replaced, some will be updated, and we expect more information and guidance will be added.

Suggest changes!

We would welcome ideas and suggestions regarding new materials to be included. Please contribute via:

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  1. Excellent progress Paul, Steph and Glenn – I think we now have something to allow the team to consider properly – how are people likely to use the toolkit and therefore what types of resources will they actually find useful, how will they use them and how are they best delivered.
    We also need to consider this in the context of the other initiatives and guidance they are being asked to consider such as Government Soft Landings and the other information coming through the BIM Taskforce.

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