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A to Z of tools and resources

A – Z of Tools

Achieving Excellence Guide 7: Whole-Life Costing

Achieving Excellence Guide 8: Improving Performance

Advisory team: develop strategic brief and value criteria

Applying Risk Management in Practice, Building Down Barriers Toolkit – Tool A6

Collaborative Working Centre

Collecting and documenting through-life cost data, Building Down Barriers Toolkit – Tool C4

Core team: create and screen strategic solutions

Customer positioning flowchart

Customer/Supplier integration

Developing historic through life cost baseline, Building Down Barriers Toolkit – Tool A3

Developing the strategic brief, The Building Down Barriers Toolkit – Tool A1

Director’s Briefing on Managing Change

Drafting the Project Brief, The Building Down Barriers Toolkit – Tool B2

Expand core team and clusters: develop potential solution

Forming Supply Clusters and Appointing Cluster Leaders, The Building Down Barriers Toolkit – Tool C1

Getting Started with Collaborative Costing, The Building Down Barriers Toolkit – Tool C5

Horizontal partnering

Identity business need

Integrated Project Team: implementation of agreed solution

Intermediary integration

Mind Tools (third party content)

Project proving and review

Proving Through-Life Cost; the compliance plan and proving arrangements, Building Down Barriers Toolkit – Tool C8

Rethinking Construction

Selecting a Prime Contractor, Building Down Barriers Toolkit – Tool A2

Setting Incentives and Share Saving Schemes.Building Down Barriers Toolkit – Tool A5

Social services training and education / social work degrees (third party content)

SME integration

Strategic Partnering Charter example

Supply positioning process

A Guide to Understanding and Coping with Compassion Fatigue (third party content)

Value Engineering in Practice, Building Down Barriers Toolkit – Tool C2

Value Planning in Practice, Building Down Barriers Toolkit – Tool B1

A – Z of Resources

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How do I establish or participate in an Integrated Supply Chain?

How is the industry changing?

Integration principles

Introduction to integration of the industry

Maturity Assessment grid

Online Maturity Assessment

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