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Integration Toolkit project teams

The original Integration Toolkit (see below) was developed for, and adopted by, the Strategic Forum for Construction in 2003.

The refreshed Integration Toolkit aims to update the original toolkit based on additional experience gained since 2003, and to accommodate new processes and techniques developed during the same period. The team behind this ongoing project (2013 – date) includes:

The original toolkit project team

The following people freely gave their time and experience to creating the first edition of the Toolkit:

Main working group

Kevin Thomas, Visionality (chairman)
Mike Forster, BAA (original chairman)
Ben Cartwright, CITB
Jane Chittenden, Format Design
David Churcher, BSRIA
Martin Davis, M4I/Strategic Forum
Ron Edmondson, Waterloo Air Management
Deryk Eke, BAA
Nicholas Fowler, Constructing Excellence/Denne Group Ltd
Richard Holti, Open University/RCF
Adrian Jackson-Robbins/Malcolm Potter, DLC (DTI)
Neil Jarrett, CWC
Alan Kennedy, COMPASS
Don Ward, Be

Integrated Project Teams drafting team

Kevin Thomas, formerly of GlaxoSmithKline (chairman)
Jo Baldwin, CWC
Adrian Blumenthal, M4I/Rethinking Construction
Martin Dancy, Faithful & Gould
Martin Davis, M4I/Strategic Forum
Phillip Hill, Weeks Group
Mark Smalley, CWC
Geoffrey Wort, Achilles/CCC Charter
Neil Yule, Waterloo Air Management





Integrated Supply Chains: Chainlink drafting team

Alan Kennedy, COMPASS (Chairman)
Ron Edmondson, Waterloo Air Management
Paul Cooper, Ormandy Ltd
Trevor Drury, Estia Ltd
Nick Fowler, Denne Construction
David Churcher, BSRIA
Mike Pollard, Bekaert Fencing
Allan Flood, Galliford Try
Martyn Watson, Marshalls
Jane Dawson, Holden & Brooke
Vince Thurlby, Jewson Ltd
Peter Hardiman, Blucher UK
Ken MacNamara, Rockwool Rockfon
Eric Osborne, RPC
Clive Coxon, FC Frost


With support from

Daniel Jude, DLA Solicitors
Guy Butler, F C Frost
Graham Goold, Atkins Consultants Ltd
Don Ward, Be
Bob Hann, Kelsey Industries
Jim Wilson, Corus Construction Centre
Tim Pollard, Wolseley Group
Anthony Sellin, Lloyds TSB
Stewart Hodgson
Mark Davey, Lakesmere Cladding
Peter George, Skanska
Mike Payne, BAXI Group
Chris Littlefair, Taylor Wooodrow
Vince Cranmer, Hambleside Danelaw
Bob Troughton, WRT Consultants
Gerry Raleigh, WSP
Nigel Curry, Helices Consulting

It should be noted that the quality of the Toolkit reflects the feedback of all those consultees, both companies and individuals, through formal events, via the CBP feedback form or informally by direct contact with the drafting team – these efforts are greatly appreciated by the drafting teams.

Thanks go to Format Design for the styling of the original Toolkit and editorial support and to Garret Productions for the audiovisual introduction. Thanks also go to Dave Porter of PMMS Consulting Group for some of the diagrams in Chainlink Workbook 1/Resources, and to the DTI for their assistance with funding.

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