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Toolkit structure


The Toolkit is structured in two main sections – and Integrated Project Teams (IPT) and Integrated Supply Chains. Each comprises a set of workbooks, each covering a project stage. Within the workbook, content is divided into topics. Each topic includes the culture and activities relevant to the stage, along with links to useful tools and techniques.


Where you are within the Toolkit is indicated by the colour of numbers at the top of the page (orange for the IPT, red for the ISC).

Notes on using the toolkit sections

Each key step in the development of a procurement strategy is identified in the ‘Process’ column. The ‘Culture and Activities’ column then provides a summary of the necessary ethos and actions required for their implementation. The adjacent ‘Tools and Techniques’ column provides recommendations, Toolkit cross-references and links to external supporting information.

Note: Users of this Toolkit module are encouraged to explore the other sections of this Toolkit to determine their position in the overall construction supply spectrum, to better understand the benefits and workings of the integration concept and to gain an appreciation of the need for collective supply chain focus to ensure a satisfactory end result.

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