Online Maturity Assessment

SFfC website holding pageThe online maturity assessment tool¬†(previously only accessible via the Strategic Forum’s website) is now available from within this website.

Old assessments undertaken via the former Strategic Forum for Construction website have been archived but remain as part of the reference pool for comparison purposes (if you wish to access a previous assessment, please email us with your old reference number and we will provide an updated ID)

The Strategic Forum’s website is currently being updated.

Now it’s the ICW Toolkit

The IPI toolkit has been renamed the ICW Toolkit (ICW standing for integrated collaborative working), and has been moved to a new domain at This reflects that the UK government’s new models of procurement extend beyond Integrated Project Insurance (IPI) and embrace other progressive approaches to project delivery, and this website is intended to be a resource for all forms of integrated collaborative working.

Moving the site also involved updates to elements of the content management system, and some parts of the old site’s presentation (including the star-rating system and the Talk forum are no longer supported by the updated CMS. Research continues into replacement tools, and we hope to reinstate these functions soon. – Update (2 February 2015): a replacement¬†toolbox talk feature has been installed.

(The former remains live for now.)

Supply Chain toolkit updated

ISC screengrabThe Integrated Supply Chain Toolkit has been reviewed, revised and updated (thanks in no small part to Waterloo Air Products‘ Ron Edmondson, one of the people behind the original toolkit), and now its workbooks sit alongside those for Integrated Project Teams.

We have also taken the opportunity to update the site navigation to make it easier to find your desired workbook from the homepage.

Amended branding

cropped-adjustablespanner.v21.jpgblue-tile198pxWe have amended the header of the website. Previously, it included a photograph of an adjustable spanner (it’s “a toolbox”, after all) but the steering group suggested we go for something a bit more elegant and a bit more focused on integration than on toolbox. So we’re trying out this three-way arrow motif. Please let us know what you think.

Resurrected: the Toolkit video

The Shockwave Flash animation used on the old Strategic Forum for Construction website has been converted to MP4 video format. This has enabled it to be uploaded to YouTube so that it can be easily embedded in the website and shared online.

The core messages remain relevant even if some of the website imagery is now a bit out-of-date.

Updates to integrated project team workbooks started

IPT thumbnailUpdates to the Integrated Project Team workbooks have now started. To date, the first four workbooks (nos. 1-4) have been updated, including more recent content recommended by colleagues at BSRIA and University of Reading.

Work will continue over the coming days to complete the IPT sections, and then to update the Integrated Supply Chain workbooks.

Update (13 August 2013). IPT Workbooks 5, 6 and 7 have now been updated.

A new domain for the Toolkit

The New Integration Toolkit now has its own website domain – IPI is short for “Integrated Project Insurance” and for the “Integrated Project Initiative”.

We have launched the Toolkit on its own separate website to distinguish it from the original Integration Toolkit developed for and adopted by the UK Strategic Forum for Construction in 2003. Over the past ten years, this has helped thousands of visitors adopt collaborative working principles and create more integrated teams. However, during this time, UK industry and its project delivery practices and technologies have moved forward.

The first edition will remain live for the time being, and – as a starting point – this site has been populated with much of the original content. Over the coming weeks and months, this will be reviewed by the IPI team (and, we hope, by the industry at large). Some content will be replaced, some will be updated, and we expect more information and guidance will be added.

Suggest changes!

We would welcome ideas and suggestions regarding new materials to be included. Please contribute via:

The Toolkit team

The New Integration Toolkit is being developed as a byproduct of a Technology Strategy Board-funded project looking at the use of integrated project insurance and other innovative processes and techniques to deliver a UK public sector built asset.

The team behind the project includes:

Looking back to 2003

During 2003 there were two consultation phases for the original Integration Toolkit, during which its content, structure and navigation were incrementally developed and improved.

We hope that you will continue to provide feedback to further improve the Toolkit, and to propose future projects or tools, for the benefit of us all.